Traditional  Afternoon tea accompanied by scons, finger sandwiches, petit fours.


Pastry Etiquette. Eating with grace popular desserts: eclair, macaron, tartlet, biscuits, cakes, petit fours, wafers etc.


Eating Challenging Puff Pastry Desserts: napoleon, millefeuille, croissant.


Finger Food etiquette.


Table setting etiquette: the right way to use dessert spoon, dessert knife and dessert fork.


Eating with Style. The appropriate way to eat mousse, panna cotta, souffle, pudding, custard, jelly.


Table manners for desserts that includes solids and creamy or liquid food .


The art of taking tea in England: rules and traditions.


Features and differences: High tea and Afternoon tea versus Five o’clock tea.


Host and guest etiquette.




throughout "Five о’clock tea. Desserts" etiquette workshop will include: 




The author’s workshop personally conducted by Maria Korikova,  an Etiquette & International Protocol Expert.


Afternoon tea is a refreshing alternative to lunch or dinner. There is a timeless quality about  going to tea. Afternoon tea conjures up feelings of elegance and gentility. Whether you are meeting friends, colleagues, or clients for tea, the "Five o'clock tea. Desserts" Etiquette Workshop will help you enjoy the delightful experience of going to tea by showing you how to properly “take tea” and avoid any ” faux pas.”


We invite you to attend one of our group classes, or to schedule a group class with your friends and/or family in your home or at a restaurant. Our rate varies depending upon the size of the group.


English language requirements: Upper - Intermediate and higher levels.





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